About Abakada

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In this highly technological generation, we have seen how the world seems to be getting smaller and smaller as technology continues to advance. The ABAKADA.CO team recognized the value of knowledge coming not from just one source, but everywhere else.  From a simple idea of finding ways to share and connect with other people, capitalizing in the field of education, as these were the expertise of the two members of the team, ABAKADA.CO was created. As a team guided by our mission and vision, we seek to bridge that gap of distance, and allow people from around the world to easily connect, share ideas and learn from each other. With focus on collaboration and learning, we hope to become the venue in promoting this amongst teachers, students, parents and administrators, wherever they may be.

To help connect individuals who seek to learn from other people’s ideas and experiences that help share their own learning, connect individuals who are seeking a contemporary way of learning with the help of modernization and reach out and extend learning networks



To be the pioneer in redifining accessibility to education through organic learning developed by a community of collaborative learners