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The Educators





“It always seem impossible until it’s done.”  – Nelson Mandela

Mica finished Early Childhood Education, and is currently finishing her graduate studies in Special Education. She has been a teacher all her life, and is now a teacher of teachers working as a School Administrator in a preschool in Cebu. When she has the chance, she enjoys the simple beauty of nature may it be the beaches or the mountains.





“To see the best side of others is a great gift.”
– St Marie Eugenie of Jesus

Ces graduated from Early Childhood Education and has been transforming lives as a Preschool Teacher since 2010. Ces has a natural passion in teaching children and in learning from them as well. She dances to the rhythm of any music. She also loves to discover and to travel. She immortalizes the beauty of the mesmerizing places in the Philippines and other countries through her lens.


The Creative.




“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Will Durant

Clarie finished Communication Arts and started in the  marketing industry since 2013. Clarie is now a Senior Marketing Officer. She has a passion for photography. She enjoys capturing street and landscape photos. Clarie is into music and  loves playing the ukulele during her free time.


The IT Expert.




“Impossible is Nothing” – Muhammad Ali

Luigi graduated Information Systems and started  in the IT industry since 2010, both in corporate or freelance, with roles such as Software Developer, Cloud Service Management, Assistant Development Manager, and Support Analyst mainly on Windows applications and web applications. He is a traveler and likes to go places where he can learn and explore. Luigi is also into technology and gets himself updated with the latest trends.


The Project Manager.




“If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice” – Unknown

Nico finished Information Systems and Management . He has been analyst since 2010 with different roles such as Business Analyst, Decision Management,  Risk Analyst and Data Analyst . He being a natural problem solver, likes to be challenged about anything especially with what he encounters. Nico is also very fascinated about how things work  and spends his free time watching videos and learning new things.